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American Wheat
US Wheat Associates commissioned the agency in 1991 to create an awareness campaign for US Wheat with the ultimate objective of creating a consumer driven demand for wheat foods containing American wheat. The agency conducted a seven-part research and came up with recommendations for an Integrated Marketing Communications program. Three important recommendations were made: 1. Creation of a Quality Seal. 2. Establishment of an American Wheat Information Center. 3. Establishment of a Bu

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American Wheat

The agency was awarded the development and execution of the Tahseen logo and conducted a pre-test and re-test to arrive to the final logo.

JSI Healthy Mother/Healthy Child
The agency implemented the public awareness component of the nutrition education intervention for the Student Medical Insurance Program (SMIP), which targeted adolescent boys and girls in a move to address the problem of iron-deficiency anemia prevalent amongst this sector. A logo and slogan were created to serve as an umbrella for the project. The slogan selected utilized the Arabic expression, to have iron health to urge the target audience to Let Your Health Be Iron a play on iron hea

Education Reform Program
The agency has worked on a number of successful communication tools for this program starting with substantial contributions to the ERP logo.

International Nursing Career Program
The agency developed a strong brand identity for INCP which offered an accelerated Bachelor of Science Nursing degree targeting unemployed university graduates and related stakeholders, in order to create a high flow of high quality applicants and increase the demand and appreciation for baccalaureate nurses as clinical caregivers.

Polio Campaign
The Support to National Communication Polio Plan is a Ministry of Health and Population campaign, supported by the WHO, UNICEF, USAID and Rotary International. The agency was commissioned by UNICEF to develop a logo and slogan for the campaign. The slogan, marra warra marra nitaamhom, tool el omr nehmeehom indicates the simplicity in preventing the spread of Polio and the dedication it needs from parents.

Expo Health
Expolink commissioned the agency to develop a logo for Expo Health conference which was held in 2007. The objective was to improve and assert Egypts image as a Mecca for medical and health care industries in the Middle East.

ASE Group

World Food Programme
The programme commissioned the agency to develop a logo for the website to be an identity for the project with the slogan "your food..your health"

The First Egyptian International Conference on Protected Areas and Sustainable Development
The agency organized a conference from A to Z for the Ministry of Environment and the EEAA. This conference was to be held October 23rd, 2002, and the agency was approached August 6th, 2002. Within one week, the agency produced 23 logos of which one was chosen for the conference. The agency also helped the client develop a complete marketing plan as well as produced a song for the conference entitled, Love the World, We are One.

The agency worked closely with this real estate developer to create an exclusive name and brand identity and to position Jeera compound as a very selective community carefully choosing its neighborhood and its neighbors. Its creative cue came from the famous Arabic saying:

Print materials

This program aims to reposition the Ask-Consult campaign to encompass Family Healthy as opposed to just FP and RH services. New services have been added over time to include: Healthy Mother / Healthy Child, STD's, Healthy Lifestyles and Health Reform. The agency staff who had worked on the Ask-Consult campaign since its launch in POP III (1997), modified the logo to represent the repositioning of the campaign.

Clinical Service Improvement Project (CSI)
The agency recommended changes in the logo which were made to clearly depict the presence of a male and female sillouette. The CSI have 90 clinics across the governorates of Egypt providing unique quality services and a client follow-up system.

The EC- Support to Population Program in Upper Egypt
The program is a comprehensive reproductive health project funded by the European Community. It aims at assisting the GOE to achieve its objective of upgrading reproductive health services in rural areas of Upper Egypt, notably within the governorates of Qena and Sohag. The project addresses such issues as family planning; early marriage (endemic in these areas), the tricky issue of female circumcision, and fertility check-ups.

Life Scan
The agency developed an Arabic application of the English logo.

Dawi Medical