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 Outreach Programs
Perception has successfully developed and executed outreach programs all over Egypt.
 Puppet shows and plays proved to be highly effective interactive communication tools with different target publics.


Tahseen/Catalyst, a USAID-funded program, aimed at: a) increasing access to FP/RH services for under-served and high-risk populations; b) enhancing the quality of FP/RH services through efforts at the central level as well as the clinic level; c) ensuring the sustainability of quality FP/RH services, and; d) supporting the efforts of the commercial and NGO sectors in order to further enhance the sustainability of the national FP/RH program.  The project’s three crosscutting themes,  youth, gender and sustainability are reflected in all activities.

The agency was awarded the development and execution of the Tahseen logo and conducted a pre-test and re-test to arrive to the final logo.

Documented through photography and video (Digital Betacam and Digital Video) samples of Tahseen’s activities in

 Minia, Fayoum, Beni-Suef, Cairo and Alexandria covering:

Footage of these activities were then used to develop the following documentation communication pieces:

  1. TAHSEEN/CATALYST Overview Documentation Films (two separate films including all the updated activities; English and Arabic versions each)
  1. Clinic Opening Ceremonies, attended by the respective Governors as well as the USAID Mission  Director, in Minia, Beni-Suef and Fayoum, documented in three separate films.
  1. TAHSEEN Youth Documentation Film featuring testimonials from youth regarding what they have learned and featuring various vignettes of youth in action, renovating their schools and contributing to their community
  1. A Gender Equitable Approach to FP/RH Activities Documentation Film

In conjunction with the client, the agency evaluated local media projects (TV programs/spots, radio programs and press articles) in terms of each team’s understanding of the issues conveyed in the BCC workshop, being focused, attractiveness, team work and involving target groups.  The agency developed a presentation piece that features a collage of all materials submitted, leading up to the winning project for the mini awards ceremony.

The agency was also responsible for building a  photo bank of images and  archiving documentation pieces, developing giveaways to youth such as  sweatshirts and mugs, designing and producing project and  consumer brochures, producing clinic opening marble plaques, medals and trophies, signage such as lock-ups and  banners, and  translating and adapting reports from English to Arabic..


The Partners for Health Reform Plus Project (PHR plus), is a global project funded by USAID to provide technical assistance to countries to strengthen and reform their health systems.  In Egypt, PHR plus is one of USAID’s projects within the Health Sector Reform Program, operating in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Population. 

The agency has been commissioned to produce an Arabic and English 15-minute film documenting the Family Health Model in Suez to be used with home office, international organizations, stakeholders, service providers and beneficiaries.



The agency conducted a research for the  Regional  Center for Training in FP and RH (RCT) regarding competitive training institutes in Egypt.  RCT’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats were assessed with a view to improving RCT’s marketing capabilities and working towards  sustainable development

The market survey targeted 150 donors, international health organizations, USAID cooperating agencies, private commercial sector companies and the domestic service provider organizations in Egypt.