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 Corporate Social Responsibility

Perception Now Official Representative Of Schema 
In Egypt Offering New Specialized CSR Communication

Only 4 years ago Corporate Social Responsibility was a concept that was little understood in Egypt. The concept was spearheaded by Perception's Ceo at the American Chamber of Commerce through the Marketing Committee with a successful case study by the Vodafone Foundation.

Shortly afterwards a new CSR Committee was formed independent of the Marketing Committee and Galal Zaki was named Co-Chair.

During his term as Co-Chair Mr Zaki played a key role in launching Egypt's  first CSR Summit in partnership with the UNDP.

 Since "no one size fits all" for CSR, Mr Zaki strongly believes in not putting the onus of "Responsibility" solely on Corporations. Rather, he subscribes to the importance of "Responsible Parnerships for Sustainable Development" -- a formula that would include BUS-GOV-NPO as well as Media and Academia.

 Mr Zaki has been working as a consultant with the USAID-funded project (Takamol) which brings together the governorates Sustainability Committees, Businesses, NPO's, Media and Academia.

 Perception is the first advertising agency in Egypt to join the Global Compact and to offer Integrated Marketing Communication programs to include CSR.

Schema Jordan now has official representation in Egypt through its partnership with Perception Communication.

The partnership focuses on an exchange of expertise and building of local capacity in CSR and communication, with the objective of integrating both specialties and providing a combined service for the MENA market.Through this partnership Perception Communication now offers clients full CSR services in Egypt building on the expertise that Schema has built over the years.

By leveraging each other's expertise and combining services, Perception Communication and Schema now offer clients specialized CSR Communication services, a key new service using proven methodologies.

The combination of communication and CSR to increase transparency and accountability in the market is becoming key to successful communication and to CSR strategies. While communication has always played an important role in the corporate world, CSR communication is unfortunately under represented. CSR, although a growing practice, is now increasingly under scrutiny making it essential to effectively communicate CSR practices, achievements and objectives.

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