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 Event Management

 Event Management

The agency has extensive experience in event management raging from international and regional conferences on marketing communication to world class equestrian events to mass wedding events to outreach programs in remote villages in Egypt.


In 1995, the agency was awarded the USAID funded Population Project Consortium (PPC) campaign, promoting Private Sector service providers and family planning methods, in close collaboration with the MOHP and Johns Hopkins University. 

Twelve  years later, the agency is still handling the “Ask, Consult” campaign, which had undergone different program names through the various phases: PPC’s Private Sector Initiative, Pathfinder’s Private Sector Program, and the current repositioning of the program to encompass Family Health under the  Communication for Healthy Living (CHL) project.


This program aims to reposition the Ask-Consult campaign to encompass Family Healthy as opposed to just FP and RH services.

New services have been added over time to include: Healthy Mother / Healthy Child, STD's, Healthy Lifestyles and Health Reform.

New Logo

The agency staff who had worked on the Ask-Consult campaign since its launch in POP III (1997), modified the logo to represent the repositioning of the campaign.

Mass Wedding

To kick off the program; the agency organized a festive mass wedding celebration in Minia in 2005.
This event, which was celebrated by 150 brides and grooms and attended by 10,000 guests, received extensive PR coverage on national and local TV as well as Al Jezira and the national newspapers and magazines.

Logistics involve arranging to host feed and entertain 10,000 guests at Minia Stadium as well as to provide hotel accommodation for all the couples as well as decorating 100 horse drawn carriages and 5 tuff tuffs to take them to the Minia Stadium where the event was held.

The agency worked on a commemorative video featuring representative clips of the event which was disseminated to all couples.  Each couple also received a portrait photograph, a booklet on useful hints on family health and received gifts from the sponsors.

The agency worked closely with the client to secure sponsorship from Procter and Gamble, Vodafone, Toshiba, Enjoy juices, and Sila edible oil.

TV Spots

An “Ask, Consult” repositioning spot has been developed featuring the new family health range of services.  Other spots were produced to address  Feminine Hygiene, Safe Injection, Hepatitis C, HIV Aids, and Diarrhea.

Print Materials

The agency has developed a Feminine Hygiene consumer brochure in collaboration with CHL, Proctor & Gamble and Fine, and has also developed a Feminine Hygiene Fact Sheet distributed to pharmacists for counseling purposes.



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