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 Our Twenty Commandments

Our Twenty Commandments

  1. Think client.
  2. Mutual respect & trust are the key to a proper working. Relationship.
  3. No excuses.
  4. What's the bottom line?
  5. Who's responsible?
  6. Think positive.
  7. Follow up.
  8. Check...check...double check.
  9. Attention to detail
  10. Uncompromising
  11. Deadline
  12. Knowledge is power...share it
  13. Do it now!
  14. Do it right, the first time
  15. Plan ahead. If you don't know  where you're going, you won't get  there
  16. If you think it's impossible, what do you think is the solution?
  17. Two wrongs don't make a right
  18. Document. Pen and pad... Use them
  19. Cya
  20. The boss is always right